Power Mushrooms

High concentration of essential ingredients

Health booster in powder and extract form provide more vitality and support the alleviate of discomfort.

They’ve been known for thousands of years, are nutritionally extremely valuable and their popularity in Europe has been increasing for nearly four decades: Vital and medicinal mushrooms. They are known from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Ayurvedic Medicine and Asian cuisine.

They owe their sobriquet „health mushrooms“ to Asian teachings according to which they:

  • are capable of decelerating the process of aging
  • exert an influence on numerous vital physical functions
  • strengthen the immune system

Our products are standardized to polyphenols (polysaccharides) with a high concentration of important ingredients.

Two product variants, many potentially positive effects

Mushrooms are available in two forms from NATURE‘S INGREDIENTS: as powder which the consumer may use in case of chronic diseases and for prevention. As an extract, standardized to polysaccharides, which can be taken for prevention and as an adjuvant therapy in case of disease.

Although scientific research is still at an early stage, power mushrooms are already widely recognized in conventional medicine. No wonder, looking at their capabilities:

  • taking regulatory action on the entire orgasm
  • creating harmonizing effects
  • exerting a positive influence on many diseases

In case of questions about our powders and extracts, or require a particular specification, do not hesitate to contact us.


Productname Standardization Organic
ABM powder
ABM extract powder 10 - 30% polysaccharides
Auricularia powder
Auricularia extract powder 10 - 30% polysaccharides
Auricularia extract powder 20% polysaccharides (Beta-glucan)
Chaga extract powder 4:1
Coprinus powder
Coprinus extract powder 10 - 30% polysaccharides
Coprinus extract powder 20% polysaccharides (Beta-glucan)
Cordycept powder
Cordycept extract powder 10-30% polysaccharides
Coriolus powder
Coriolus extract powder 10 - 30% polysaccharides
Coriolus extract powder 20% polysaccharides (Beta-glucan)
Hericium powder
Hericium extract powder 10 - 30% polysaccharides
Hericium extract powder 20% polysaccharides (Beta-glucan)
Maitake powder
Maitake extract powder 10 - 30% polysaccharides
Maitake extract powder 20% polysaccharides (Beta-glucan)
Polyporus powder
Polyporus 10 - 30% polysaccharides
Reishi powder
Reishi extract powder 10 - 30% polysaccharides
Reishi extract powder 20% polysaccharides (Beta-glucan)
Shiitake powder
Shiitake extract powder 10 - 30% polysaccharides
Shiitake extract powder 20% polysaccharides (Beta-glucan)
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