Vegan Protein powders

The essence of Nature’s power

Our pure herbal proteins in organic quality make a valuable contribution to wholesome nutrition.

Protein is an important building block for muscle as well as hair, skin and nails. It is the indispensable source of essential amino acids.

NATURE’S INGREDIENTS offers a wide variety of organic, plant-based protein powders – from easily pourable 80 Mesh powders (e.g. for bakery purposes) to finest, well dispersible 500 Mesh variants (e.g. for shakes and smoothies) – from the most palatable walnut or almond powders to qualities made from rice with distinctively neutral characteristics that leave all the room for your own recipe’s taste profile.

  • Low taste-profile protein powders – Our proteins from Rice or Pea have a subtle taste or even are practically neutral and serve best as a functional ingredient.
  • High taste-profile powders – These powders are made from Walnut, pumpkin or Sunflower add – beside their protein content alone – another twist: a distinct flavour.
  • Specialty powders – Unique and valuable at the same time. Looking for something extraordinary? Protein powders from Spirulina, Hemp or Black Cumin may be your pick.

Valuable and versatile – from vegan needs to bodybuilders’ wishes

Our protein powders from various sources are allround and useful for

  • Food industry
  • Dietary supplement production
  • Animal feed

For many people, a vegan protein powder fits their diet because of their decision to not use animal derived products. For others, the absence of allergens or sensitive ingredients matters most. Some might want a vegan protein simply because it’s full of healthy plant proteins and sweetened naturally.

  • For both vegetarian and vegan nutrition or as a dietary supplement in bodybuilding and weight lifting as a support in muscle mass gain.
  • Plant proteins are generally capable of enhancing successes in sports just as well as animal proteins, because their amino acid profile resembles well that of the human body, too.
  • The protein powders we can offer are perfectly capable of supplementing a vegan diet – don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for more information.

Vegan Protein powders

Productname Standardization Organic
Almond 35% Protein
Chick pea 70% Protein
Chlorella 60% Protein
Hemp 35 - 60% Protein
Linseed 33% Protein
Mung bean 80% Protein
Pea 80% Protein (100mesh)
Pumpkin seed 60% Protein
Rice 80% Protein (300-500mesh)
Sacha inchi 30% Protein
Spirulina 60% Protein
Sunflower 50% Protein
Tara 45% Protein
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