Botanical Extracts and Powders

From A to Z, from Amaranth to Ziziphus

We offer a wide range of different botanical extracts and powders for your individual requirements.

Our extensive product range of plant powders, extracts and superfoods represent the concentrated energy of nature from all parts of the world. Along with the highest flexibility. Because due to the name of NATURE‘S INGREDIENTS you can apply our natural extracts and powders to various industry sectors:

  • Food industry
  • Food supplements industry
  • Feed industry

Leaves, flowers, roots: almost all parts of many plants can be processed as useful raw materials for dietary supplements. To be consumed conveniently either in extract or powder form – and can, for example:

  • contribute to relaxation and vitalization
  • support weight control
  • fortify the cardiovascular system

Particularly – but not exclusively – for vegan and vegetarian diets

Our extracts and powders from India, e. g. bitter melon or mangosteen, can help in the sense of Ayurveda – probably the oldest holistic healing art of mankind – to strengthen body, soul and mind by nutrition. Cereal grasses from Europe, e. g. barley grass and wheat grass, can stimulate the central nervous and cardiovascular system almost like caffeine. Regardless of whether it‘s a standard product or a product tailored exactly to your specifications – with our plant extracts and powders you can always rely on diversity and quality.

Botanical extracts

Productname Standardization Organic
Amaranth seeds
Amla extract powder 30-40% Tannins
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) extract powder 1,5-5 % Withanolides
Barley grass powder
Bittermelon extract powder (15% bitters)
Brahmi (Bacopa monieri) extract powder
Cat‘s Claw powder
Cat‘s Claw tea cut
Chia white
Chia black
Cinnamon extract powder 10:1
Cissus quadringularis extract powder 40% Ketosteroid
Cocoa powder
Cocoa nibs
Cocoa roasted nibs
Curcuma powder
Curcuma extract powder 95% Curcuminoide
Curcuma extrakt granulate 95% Curcuminoide
Dandelion extract powder 10:1
Dandelion powder
Dioscorea (Yam) extract powder 16-20% Diosgenin
Fenugreek extract powder 10:1
Garcinia extract powder 50-60% HCA
Giant Knotweed extract powder 25-98% Resveratrol
Ginger extract powder 20% Gingerols
Ginger tea cut
Ginger powder
Ginkgo extract powder 24% Flavonoide
Ginseng root extract powder 4-80% Ginsengoside
Ginseng root extract powder red Ginseng, 15% Ginsengoside
Graviola powder
Green coffee beans extract powder 45% chlorogenic acid
Green Tea extract powder
Guarana powder 2% caffeine
Guarana extract powder 3,5-5% caffeine
Hemp seed fibre
Hemp flour
Konjac extract powder (glucomannans)
Lupin powder
Maca extract powder
Maca gelatinized
Maca powder
Maca red maca (powder)
Maca black maca (powder)
Mangosteen extract powder (Mangostins)
Melissa powder
Melissa extract powder 5:1
Mesquite powder
Milk Thistle powder
Milk Thistle extract powder 80% Silymarin
Mint powder
Moringa powder
Mucuna extract powder 15-40% Levodopa
Neem oil oil
Nettle powder
Nettle extract powder 10:1
Olibanum extract powder 65% Boswellic acid
Queen‘s flower /Banaba (Lagerstroemia speciosa) extract powder 1-2% Korosolic acid
Quinoa seeds
Sibirian Ginseng extract powder
Spirulina powder
Tribulus extract powder 45% Saponins
Valerian extract powder 10:1
Wheat grass powder
Yucca root extract powder 20-30% Saponins
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