Fruit and Vegetable Powders

A high-quality alternative to fresh fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are an important part of a balanced diet. Our powders can help to supply the body with the most important nutrients.

From single ingredients all the way to individual mixtures adjusted to your preferences, the natural fruit and vegetable powders from NATURE'S INGREDIENTS' are a high-quality alternative to fresh fruits, berries and vegetables, for their essential nutrients also being preserved to a great extend in dried powder form. Our fruit and vegetable powders are predominantely manufactured from 100% fruit or vegetable and are applicable in many ways in the food industry as:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Mixtures for smoothies, muesli, bars
  • Soup mixtures
  • Single ingredients

Important nutrient sources

At NATURE‘S INGREDIENTS you can choose from a wide range of powders and extracts, most of it provided in organic quality – and readily composed according to your individual specifications.

Fruits and berries are rich in vitamins, minerals and secondary plant compounds. They contribute to our health and make us feel fit. Fruits belong to the most valuable foods we can eat because, same as vegetables, they contain the highest nutrient density of all food groups and possess the most essential nutrients relative to their energy content.

Vegetable powders are a good way to guarantee that our body gets most of the essential nutrients it needs, too.

Vegetable powders:

  • are rich in fiber
  • have positive effects when applied in cases of dementia and diabetes
  • are supportive in cases of iron deficiency

Whatever product or special mixture you may be looking for – do not hesitate to contact us.

Fruit Powders

Productname Standardization Organic
Acai powder (freeze dried)
Acai powder (vacuum dried)
Acai juice powder (spray dried)
Acerola fruit powder 6-25% nat Vit. C
Amla fruit powder
Apple fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Apple juice powder (spray dried)
Aronia fruit powder
Banana fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Baobab fruit powder
Bilberry / Blueberry fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Bilberry / Blueberry juice powder (spray dried)
Blackberry fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Blackcurrant fruit powder (vacuum dried)
CamuCamu fruit powder 3% -21% nat Vit. C
Cherry fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Cherry fruit powder (freeze dried)
Cranberry fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Cranberry juice powder (spray dried)
Goji fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Goji fruit powder (freeze dried)
Goji juice powder (spray dried)
Grape Seed flour
Grape Seed extract powder (95% OPC)
Lemon fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Lemon juice powder (spray dried)
Lucuma fruit powder
Mango fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Mango juice powder (spray dried)
Orange fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Orange juice powder (spray dried)
Passion fruit fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Passion fruit juice powder (spray dried)
Physalis fruit powder
Physalis concentrated juice
Physalis whole fruit, dried
Pineapple fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Pineapple juice powder (spray dried)
Pomegranate extract powder (polyphenols)
Pomegranate fruit powder
Pomegranate juice powder (spray dried)
Raspberry fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Raspberry fruit powder (freeze dried)
Redcurrant fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Redcurrant juice powder (spray dried)
Rhubarb fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Rose hip fruit powder
Sea buckthorn fruit powder
Strawberry fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Strawberry fruit powder (freeze dried)
Tangerine fruit powder (vacuum dried)
Tangerine juice powder (spray dried)

Vegetable Powders

Productname Standardization Organic
Artichoke vegetable powder
Asparagus extract powder (saponins)
Broccoli vegetable powder
Carrot vegetable powder
Kale vegetable powder
Nettle powder
Pumpkin vegetable powder
Purple Corn vegetable powder
Red Beet vegetable powder
Red Beet jucie powder (spray dried)
Spinach vegetable powder
Sweet potato vegetable powder
Tomato vegetable powder
Yacon syrup
Yacon powder
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