Non-Botanical Extracts

For cartilages, tendons and joints

High-quality extracts and powders for humans and animals

Our non-botanical extracts and powders are available both as standard products and individually adjusted to your needs. We provide ideal dietary supplements for humans and animals in the format of your choice:

  • as powder
  • in capsules
  • in mixtures

Regardless of whether they are delivered pressed, packed in cans or as bulk, the quality is always the same. Our range reaches from chondroitin over MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane) and glucosamine all the way to taurine. Glucosamine and chondroitin are naturally occurring components of our joint cartilages and synovial fluids, tendons and ligaments; these molecules interact synergistically, assuming different functions which serve the purpose of building up new cartilage and thus have the potential to reduce cartilage tissue wear.

Strict quality control

The organic MSM-compound supplies the body with natural sulfur and is capable of strengthening the immune system, may help in cases of allergy and may reduces damage to the muscles.

All around the island of Okinawa – also referred to as the „Island of the centenarians“ – under strictest standards of our quality control, coral calcium is being harvested from fossile coral reefs. This is the foundation of our standard product which has a calcium content of 34 %. Another Sango coral with 20 % calcium and 10 % magnesium is being harvested on the ocean ground.

Apart from these two minerals, the product supplies more than 70 other micronutrients (trace elements), which might elicit positive effects on protecting against various civilizational diseases.

Our tight quality management network rules out any potential radioactive contamination.

Please inform us about your desired specifications for non-plant extracts and powders.

Non-Botanical Extracts

Productname Standardization Organic
Coral calcium (Sango Coral) 34% Ca
Coral calcium (Sango Coral) 20% Ca. / 10% Mg
Chondroitine 90% Chondroitin sulfate (bovine, marine, chicken)
D-Glucosamine 98% (2kcl, vegetarian HCL, HCL)
Inositol 97% Inositol
OptiMSM Methylsulfonylmethane
Sub4Salt Salt (Sodium) replacer
Taurine Taurine
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